Frequently asked questions

Q: 1 I haven’t cycled for a while. Will I be able to keep up?

A:  Foundation approx 40 miles @ 14 mph average speed / Intermediate approx 50 miles @ 15 mph average speed / Advanced over 60 miles @ 16+ mph average speed. We have a close partnership with other local clubs if you feel that you need to build up to these distances. Breeze Ladies and Hatch Warren and Beggarwood both have active memberships and can be found with a Google search.

Q: 2  What type of bike do I need?

A:  We have road and off-road rides. As long as the bike is road worthy you should be fine.

Q: 3  What equipment do I need?

A:  A cycle helmet is essential, as well as reflective clothing and lights on a dull day, as we will be on public roads. Adequate waterproof clothing as weather conditions demand. Also spares and tools as below;

  • Spare inner tube (x2 for rides over 25 miles)

  • Puncture repair (instant patches)

  • Pump or CO2 (1 more CO2 than spare tubes carried) & valve adapter

  • Tyre levers

  • Multi tool (including chain link tool)

  • Spare Chain Link & Chain Pin

Additional items that will help to cover most roadside issues but are non essential;

  • Tyre boots/ inserts (small sections of inner tube or tyre to line a damaged tyre)

  • Small bottle of chain lube (tester size is ideal)

  • Coiled up gear/ brake cable inner

  • Latex Gloves (for those dirty repairs)

  • Antiseptic wipe & plasters (in the event of cutting yourself)

  • A spare cleat

Q: 3  Will i need to eat & drink while out cycling?

Cyclists need to refuel on every ride and as such food needs to be carried on rides longer than 20 miles. What is carried is entirely up to the rider but enough for slightly more than the advertised distance of the ride is always a good idea. Energy gels are also recommended and can be used for an almost instant ‘hit’ of energy, gels should not be used as the single source of energy though.

The minimum of 1 bottle of drink should be carried on all rides extending to 2 bottles on rides of 45+ miles. The time of year will determine what drink you carry, in the winter a diluted squash or plain water is often enough while during the summer specialist sports/energy drinks should be preferred. Taking a single drinks capsule ready to drop in a water bottle is recommended this gives the cyclist an opportunity to top up if required.

Longer rides may include a café stop where refuelling with a light snack is possible. However this should not be relied upon and the cyclist should be carrying enough with them to complete a ride.

Q: 5  How far is the ride?

A:  Please see above for ride level metrics.

Q: 6  How much does it cost?

A:  Try cycling with us for free and if you like it become a member. Membership means you will be covered by insurance when participating in OP arranged events. Being a member means you will have access to some wonderful cycling activities. Take a look at our events calendar and blog to see what members get up to.