Leading a ride

We aim to provide a number of rides to suit the mixed abilities of attendees on our Saturday morning rides (and Thursday evening rides in the summertime). Our ride leaders are all volunteers, and it can be a rewarding experience leading a group of fellow riders through areas that they may not have previously ridden.


Sometimes due to no ride leader volunteering we may need to utilise our bank routes all of which are available on the website. We appreciate the efforts of those that do lead rides but need to spread the load further in order not to be a burden to a willing few. If you are unsure as to what is involved in leading a ride, nervous about how to plan a route or just want more information then please contact us at info@oakleypedalers.co.uk. We have a huge membership base and should be able to utilise this to fill the rota weeks in advance. Alternatively speak to one of the senior members out on the road, they will be more than happy to offer guidance on leading your own ride.


If you are able to assist, please visit the Planner and fill in your name against a ride that you will be able to lead (and also a link to a Garmin/Strava/Other route if possible).
Leading a Ride
Before the ride
  • Plan a route and issue a Garmin/ Strava route link to the rota. Your route should adhere the ride level metrics as closely as possible.
  • Nominate a ‘wingman’ to be your support. This may mean you team up to share the leading role or your wingman may act as the rear marker for the entire route.
  • Confirm your group size. Knowing how may are on your ride ensures you leave nobody out in the field. You will also know if you need to split the group in to two or more smaller sizes.
  • Brief the group about the ride. Distance, any specific climbs, cafe stop option etc.

During the ride

  • While following your route ensure those at the front know in good time that turns are approaching.
  • Depending on the group dynamic confirm if a ‘dash for home’ is permitted. This may help keep stronger riders in check, knowing that they up the pace towards the end of the ride.
  • Relax, have fun…………………………………. and bring everyone back!