2018 Veloviewer Segment Challenge

We now have a Strava OP club based leaderboard for 2018: see how you are doing, then get out there and have a go at some of our local challenges; whether it’s a short hill like White Hill, Meadham Lane, Farleigh Wallop or a longer route like Upton Grey to Herriard Hill, have a go at as many as possible and gain points for each.

1 – in Strava, make sure you are in the Oakley Pedalers group https://www.strava.com/clubs/oakley-pedalers
2 – have a go at one or more of the 12 segments; you won’t show up on the leaderboard until you do.
3 – visit Veloviewer and update your stats (i.e pull the new data from Strava into veloviewer)
Visit the map to see where the segments are